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I just walked past a group of girls and one of them said “is it even possible to suck a dick?” And another girl said “Yeah I do it almost every day” and I’m so fucking confused what the fuck were they talking about

I’m pretty sure Tegan and Sara have made me realize just how gay I actually am

Artist: UnknownFleet Foxes
Title: UnknownCan't Help Falling In Love
Album: UnknownFleet Foxes Sing the '60s
Plays: 872,711

Anonymous: *cries* i hate distance too. I still wish you guys could be together somehow... it would be like a quindom love story lol ^.^ I dunno I just really love the way you guys are with each other (the PowerPoint thing was so cute, and her little writing piece blurb thing about you was so cute - arghhh so much cuteness I can't take it) okay I'll stop fangirling over my two favorite authors being so cute with each other I'm sorry lol I just love you both so much!!! :). <3 <3

Oh man. I can’t handle how cute you are being about us. The reason we started talking in the first place was because of our writing, actually, so the fact that you say we’re your favorite authors literally makes me so fucking happy; I’m beyond words. Fuck. Shona come give them a hug with me! (And a Quindom love story oh my god that’s adorable)

Anonymous: Are Tegan & Lindsey still together?
Anonymous: Are you and shona dating or something? You are both sooo adorable lol. If someone wrote stuff like that about me I think I'd die of cuteness *swoons* :-) ugh I'm just really hormonal and totally ship you two together waaaaaaahhhhh :D :D (maybe you should collaborate on something in the quindom? *winks*)

Hahaha! No, we’re not dating (although I wish we were, but I don’t really do LDR’s anymore). But Shona is my “fluff puppy” and I love her very much :) The fact that you just said you ship us makes me so fucking happy I’m like rolling around on my bed right now from how cute this message is. Shona! we should totally do a collaboration!


overhearing people talking about something u like


hearing that they talkin shit


Yo what up guys i got tagged in a thing


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1. Where in the world would you most like to go?

  • (I’m going to assume you mean to travel too, not live) I’ve always loved the idea of traveling, but going all the way to Europe would be too costly of a trip for me. I’m more of a cold weather person, so visiting Alaska is way up there on my list of places to go. I’ve had family friends that have gone there on vacation, and the pictures they brought back made me so jealous. I can’t wait for the day to go and see the sights.

2. What is your ideal profession?

  • My ideal profession is to be an author, but seeming as that is kind of unrealistic, I’m most likely going to be pursuing a career in journalism (since that’s a nice compromise)

3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • [Hopefully] in my senior year of college. This could either include my transfer into UC Davis, or if I get lucky, University of Oregon :) 

4. What do you love most about yourself? (you have to say at least one thing!)

  • I love that I’m a happy person. Things can make me upset pretty easily, but I don’t stay down for long periods of time. I’m generally just a friendly, upbeat person and I’m glad I’m like that. I would hate the idea of me being just in a sad pit of depression all of the time (I used to be, but I’ve learned how to get out of that place.) I also love my hair. It’s really soft.

5. What is an article of clothing that you find really attractive on another person?

  • Depends on the person. If you can look fuckin rad in a white t-shirt and leggings, fuck yeah. If you can rock a leather jacket and skinny jeans, fuck yeah too. I don’t really care for clothes, I just like looking at the hot people wearing them.

6. Are you musically talented?

  • No, not at all. I can’t sing or dance either (even though I do all the time)

7. What kind of dancing do you like to do?

  • It’s a special kind of dance that my mom taught me called Spell Your Name With Your Butt. You just move your butt in the motions of spelling your name and you’re fuckin rockin out on the dance floor baby

8. First thing you notice in another person physically.

  • The person’s height or hair. If the person matches my height, then definitely their hair. If i find the person attractive, then their lips.

9. First thing you notice in another person’s personality.

  • Tone/volume of their voice. It’s a major turn off for me if the person is way louder than my voice, especially if it’s just with normal conversation.

10. What is a sound you really enjoy?

  • Laughter. Hearing someone laugh is literally the best thing in the world. People are happy. People are smiling. People are laughing. It just makes me want to be happy with them.

11. If you could have one day/night with anyone, who would it be and what would you do?

  • It would be with Shona, and we’d sit in my living room and play video games and I’d show her cool American stuff and she’d talk to me about Canada and we’d make fun of each other and maybe make out a little

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  10. Do you have any regrets?
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